The NYC mayor declared June 22nd “Laverne Cox Day,” and here’s what that means

Once you have your own namesake day, you know you’ve made a positive impact. Laverne Cox was given her own day in New York City, and the actress was more than thankful for the honor. (And yes, as far as honors go, this is definitely a big one.)

Mayor Bill de Blasio made the decision for June 22nd to honor Cox and the many positive things she stands for. Cox, a proud transgender rights activist, spoke out as much as she could about transgender teen Gavin Grimm’s struggle with bathroom laws, and helped make sure his story was told. She’s absolutely using her platform for all the right reasons.

Here’s an incredibly touching video that Cox shared on her Instagram account.

In the video, Cox mentioned that it’s incredible for a black transgender woman, raised by a single mother, to have her own day. Luckily, she already has a great idea on how people can celebrate Laverne Cox Day.

"Love and embrace who you are and celebrate and love each other," she wrote in her caption.

Cox also posted a photo of the official proclamation, showing that the day was given because she’s an advocate for civil rights, as well as an inspirational source of diversity in media. As a New Yorker, she’s shown incredible spirit, and has helped bring the core value of equality to light.

While the day was set in New York City, we have a feeling that people all over will celebrate by remembering the power of acceptance, understanding, knowledge, and love.

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