Send the Sally to your Jack these Nightmare Before Christmas roses that come in a coffin

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas—while these are the traditional days to send and receive flowers, they dismiss our romantic, goth selves. We’re petitioning to make our favorite holiday, Halloween, a day to exchange bouquets. And one company is here to make our dreams (ahem…nightmares?) come true with its The Nightmare Before Christmas-themed roses that come in a literal coffin. Be still our black hearts.

Rose delivery company Roseshire channeled scenes from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas to create a flower arrangement of 20 white or red roses and an “exotic thistle.”

That thistle looks so much like the dead flowers that Sally picks the petals from early in the movie and later, at the end, when she sits atop the snow-covered, Spiral Hill. So basically, the Sally to your Jack Skellington needs these.

The flowers are packaged in a Nightmare Before Christmas-decorated coffin, which we’re sure makes for a real gasp moment upon delivery.


And Roseshire hopes that coffin becomes a collectors’ piece, as the whole thing takes an hour to create from scratch. Halloween table centerpiece, anyone?


The bouquet is available now, and we’re planning on sending it to our loves on both Halloween and Christmas.

If your emoji vibe is more pink heart than black one, there are lots of other Disney rose arrangements you can send, too.

Of course, there are Beauty and the Beast roses. If you want to put one in a glass case and watch it wilt, that’s entirely up to you.

We adore that Roseshire went for colorful Alice in Wonderland-themed roses rather than channeling the Queen of Hearts and painting them all red.

If your heart lies on the evil side, you can even get a Disney Villains-themed arrangement.

Check out everything Roseshire has to offer over on its website. No judgment if you just want to send these Nightmare Before Christmas roses to yourself. You deserve it.

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