The next iPhone may be able to float on water

Your iPhone 7 may be waterproof, but can it float on water? Well, Apple is looking to change that with its iPhone 8 with shock absorbers. Along with allowing the phone to float on water, the shock absorbers will also prevent cracked screens. You might have just gotten your iPhone 7 in September 2016, but you’re going to be suffering from serious phone envy the more you find out about the iPhone 8.

News about the potential features of the iPhone 8 came out pretty much right after the iPhone 7 was released. But with Apple getting a patent for a shock absorber system on April 4th, this makes the iPhone 8 sound really exciting since, according to

"When the software determines that the phone has been dropped, out spring the corner bumpers."

The shock absorber functionality will also detect whether the iPhone was just placed down or if it was dropped.

Although the idea that it could float in water is certainly buzzy and refreshing (get it? cause it’s floating in water??), we’re more interested in stopping cracks on our iPhone screens — because the struggle is real.

The new iPhone most likely won’t be released until September 2017, but the latest scoop on the innovations that Apple is working on definitely makes this a hard one to wait for. Clumsy cell phone owners, rejoice!