The new ‘Vacation’ trailer = hilarious, perfect

The Griswolds are back, and they’re funnier than ever. Once again on a cross-country road trip to make it to the magical and mystical Wally World, a grown up Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) packs everyone into the family car for the vacation of a lifetime. Because really, what could go wrong?

From the brand new trailer for Vacation, it looks like everything goes wrong. Rusty’s wife, Debbie (played by the amazing Christina Applegate) isn’t so sure about this vacation idea, and really isn’t sure about the family’s new car.

Their two sons hate just about everything and won’t stop fighting. The family finds themselves in a raw sewage swap at one point, and it’s by choice. At least Rusty has inherited his dad’s favorite pastime: family sing-a-longs in the car that no one else wants to participate in.

While the trailer is light on plot, aside from the whole cross country roadtrip thing, it’s full of just some of the famous faces we’re going to see in the movie. Leslie Mann and Chris Hemsworth as husband and wife! Keegan-Michael Key! Charlie Day! Ron Livingston gets punched!

This isn’t just a vacation. This is a quest, a quest for fun.

Check out the whole hilarious trailer below, and gather up your own family because Vacation hits theaters on July 29th.

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