The new ‘Jessica Jones’ trailer makes us want more Jessica Jones

Netflix, we love you, but you’re being SUCH A TEASE right now. The only thing we want is more Jessica Jones, and that’s the one thing the streaming site is not giving us.

The newest Netflix and Marvel TV show, Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter as the titular Jessica, drops this Thanksgiving. Now we’ve got two trailers for the show, but neither one of them has shown us her face. Last week, we got to see Jessica in bed, refusing to get out of bed. At 3pm. We totally get that.

This week brings us a little bit longer trailer, but still no glimpse of kickass Ritter as Jessica. This trailer is a tad longer at almost a minute, and includes some action. Like walking in some really awesome boots! OK, actually we don’t get to see the action, but rather its aftermath. Jessica walks though what appears to be a bar, around all of the fallen bad guys she’s apparently taken out singlehandedly. The girl has most certainly earned a drink.

If you’re ready to head back to Hell’s Kitchen, check out the trailer below. And hey Netflix, maybe next time we could get a close-up? The entire show does drop NEXT MONTH, on November 20th. We’re ready for it.

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