The musical “Amélie” just opened on Broadway, and the lead actress is giving us major flashbacks to 2001

Monday night, a new musical opened up at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York City. The musical adaptation of Amélie opened on Broadway, and lead actress Phillipa Soo made us totally flashback to the artsy 2001 film. Of course, we know Phillipa best from her amazing role as Eliza Hamilton from the hit musical Hamilton.

It’s Phillipa’s first Broadway role since the Tony Award-winning musical, and we think she made a perfect choice. We barely recognized her at first, because she reminds us SO much of the original film’s star, Audrey Tautou.

What we loved about Audrey Tautou’s Amélie was how perfectly she blended her adorable spirit with her mischievous side.

Also, we loved her adorable cropped hair and straight bangs. They made us think about completely chopping our hair off.

And it turns out, Phillipa Soo has the same perfect whimsy that makes Amélie such a lovable character.


Phillipa totally channeled Audrey Tautou’s look in this multi-patterned red ensemble. The whimsical nature of Amélie lends itself perfectly to a musical adaptation, and we bet Phillipa did a fabulous job because she has an amazing voice. We’re so glad that after her incredible role in Hamilton that she got such a fun starring role.

Phillipa beamed after the show with her fellow cast members, and we’re glad her big night was a success.


P.S. how cute is her Amélie mini-me, who must have played her younger self in the show?

And Phillipa totally rocks Amélie’s adorable dark bob.


Looks like the Broadway Amélie picked the perfect actress to remind us of the wonderful, imaginative film that captured our hearts. Now we have to get ourselves to New York, so we can check out this musical ASAP.

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