13 of the most ridiculous Halloween costumes you can buy online right now

No doubt you’re aware, but the most exciting holiday of the year (HALLOWEEN!) is one week away. And whether you have an intricate costume planned or you’re anticipating a last-minute scramble, there are going to be some fun times ahead.

Amd speaking of Halloween costumes, have you been on the internet lately? There are some amazingly ridiculous outfits and accessories for sale that kind of have to be seen to be believed — and will likely provide you with hours of entertainment.

We’re not just talking about silly monster costumes, but the kind of outfits that will make you marvel at human ingenuity…and weirdness. And because it’s Monday, and we all need something to get us though the week, we’ve compiled 13 of the most ridiculous ones. You’re welcome, world.

1An inflatable cow, $49.99


Enough said.

2A PB&J sammy, $49.99


The perfect couple’s costume.

3A giant baby, $49.99


It’s genuinely scary.

4An avocado, $49.99.


So Millennial-worthy.

5A person taking a bath, $59.99


Just make sure you have ample space to maneuver in this one.

6A pea in a pod, $54.99


An adorably silly option.

7A Snapchat-inspired dancing hot dog, $79.99


Get in the groove.

8The poop emoji, $39.99


Never fails to make us smile.

9A voodoo doll, $59.99


Warning: It might get a little hot in there.

10A T-Rex, $79.99.



11A spoon, $44.99


When all else fails, go for the spoon. No, really. It’s a thing.

12The old plug and socket, $60.99


Not exactly sexy, not exactly scary…but definitely creative.

13A toothbrush, $47.99


This also serves as a solid reminder to brush your teeth after all that candy.

Hopefully this has given you some suitably silly wardrobe inspo, because the whole point of Halloween is to have a great time in weird clothes (while eating lots of candy, obvi). And remember, you don’t have to splurge on a full-on costume, sometimes it’s even more fun to go DIY with a costume or accessory.

Whatever you choose, just make sure there’s an element of spook factor. As we’ve seen in the above examples, even a sandwich can be a little eerie.

Here’s a little ditty to enjoy while you’re testing outfits.


Happiest of Halloweens to you.