The most exotic looking ice cream cones ever!

Ice cream is obviously the go-to treat of choice on a hot summer day. And because we love both creative ice cream choices and beautiful desserts, it only seemed right to find and share some of the most creative and beautiful ice cream-inspired pictures out there.

 Ice cream and breakfast foods? You can’t be cereal. 

This claims to be amethyst but it sort of looks like Pop Rocks. Either way, we want it.

A song of fire and ice cream.

Eyes cream.

Perfect for the 4th of July.

Following the lemon trend to make Queen Beyoncé proud.

These soft serves are as tall as the model!

The shapes may be asymmetric, but the amount of layers are what is really impressive here.

We could soak in the beauty of these for hours.

This might be CGI, but we want to believe it’s real.

Perfect for Pooh-Bear (and other honey aficionados).

We’re not sure about everything that’s happening here, but we am sure that we like it.

We don’t care if it’s technically not edible, it looks too good not to try.

 You don’t need chocolate milk to enjoy a delicious chocolate mustache (and so much more).

Beautiful ice cream melting-inspired cake because sometimes life just gets you.

These ice creams are so impressive, you almost hesitate to eat it (for like a second then totally scarf it down in no time because let’s be honest, it’s delicious).