And now, for your 3-minute ‘Minions’ fix of the day

What came first, the Minion or the master? Turns out, it’s the Minions. The newest trailer for The Minions takes us back in time to B.G. (before Gru) where we find these poor Minions wandering the planet several million years ago. They’ve been wandering since the time of the dinosaurs , and their quest is simple: find only the best, baddest, and evilest master. That’s actually harder than it sounds.

After a failed attempt at a dinosaur master, the Minions then try Napoleon and Dracula, but both of these are a no-go, too. What are they going to do? The Minions need a master to serve and without them the Minion kinda die. And we do not want a lot of these adorable yellow creatures dying on us, OK?

Minion trio Kevin, Stuart, and Bob decide to align themselves with master Scarlet Overkill (voiced by an evil-sounding Sandra Bullock), but that uh, doesn’t go so well either. She hatches a plan to use the Minions to steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown, and as you can probably imagine, it turns into all out Minion mayhem.

Bonus Minion mayhem, they now ride corgis. SOLD.

Grab your Minion goggles and check out the newest trailer for Minions below. They’ll storm into theaters on July 10th.

Image via here.