Nurse Ben is making the world swoon on “The Mindy Project”

So last week on The Mindy Project, we got to know nurse Ben, aka Leo’s pediatric nurse, and Mindy’s potential new love interest. That was last week. This week, we’re all officially in love with him. And it seems Mindy might feel the same way.

This episode was centered around Mindy continuously calling nurse Ben over to her apartment in a panic to help with foreign objects lodged in Leo’s nose or ear. It happens so often that either Mindy’s sticking raisins up her son’s nose on purpose, or she just never pays attention to what her child is doing. Either way, yikes, Min!

She, of course, denies any attraction when Ben calls her out, but then he kisses her.


*Cue collective sigh*

Strike drama

Meanwhile, the nurses are still on strike, so their flirtation remains on the DL as the doctors and nurses get closer to a negotiation. Jody is desperate to attend Colette’s birthday party, and Colette desperately misses her bro’s daily help with curling her hair. Which is too cute, btw.

When Jody finds out about Mindy and Ben, he’s rightfully pissed. Didn’t she choose the single life over him? And yeah, Mindy living a fully independent life sans any men would’ve been fun and interesting, but the sparks between Mindy and Ben are so obvious that I can feel the heat through my TV. Jody and Mindy had chemistry too for a hot minute, but then it faded when Danny came back into the picture.

The beginning of Bendy

Ben also isn’t as self-centered and appallingly racist as Jody is, so I, for one, am full-on shipping Bendy. (If I could trademark that couple name, I totally would. But I have no idea how to go about doing that, soooo…) He’s sweet, hardworking, humble – which is rare for a Mindy bf – and ridiculously dreamy. A lot of that has to do with the natural beauty of Bryan Greenberg, but his character, Ben, is beyond charming.


The episode ends with Ben waiting by Mindy’s doorstep just to tell her he’s been thinking about their kiss. And as I’m sure you can guess, he kisses her again.

*Cue collective buckling knees*

Since Bryan Greenberg is signed on for six episodes of this season, we know there will be more swooning to come. You ready? I’m ready.

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