The trailer for the final season of “The Mindy Project” is here, and so are all of Mindy’s exes

Good news and bad news: Hulu just released the trailer for The Mindy Project Season 6, but seeing as the show is coming to an end, this is (probably) the last season trailer we’re going to get (???). While we’re a little heartbroken to think that we’re entering the home stretch of one of our favorite shows, we’re also SO excited to see everybody back together again.

The core crew will obviously return, and some recurring faves will be back for more.

A couple of Mindy’s former flames —  lawyer Cliff (Glenn Howerton) and midwife Brendan (Mark Duplass) — are in this trailer, and we’re PUMPED. On the other hand, there’s no glimpse of Danny (Chris Messina), Mindy’s baby daddy. We know he’s returning for the final season, so where is he?!

Exes aside, Mindy seems to be doing well. And, let’s be honest, that’s all that really matters.

“I got a great job, I got a great son…Will & Grace is back and bitchier than ever. I’m doing good!

(Aren’t we all, tho, now that Will & Grace is back?)

Since this season seems to be chock-full of ex boos, we’re super curious to see how it all plays out. We’re expecting some (hilarious) drama.

And since The Mindy Project is about to say goodbye, we’re going to have to spend every week after it premieres (on September 12th!) crossing our fingers that she gets her happy ending.

We’re not sure we could live with anything else. And, dear TV gods, listen up: We shouldn’t have to!

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