The sixth and final season of “The Mindy Project” is going to feel very different for this reason

The Mindy Project debuted the first episode of its final season today. And while we’re so sad to see the show coming to an end, we’re looking forward to all the mischief, mayhem, humor, and romance that’s inevitably ahead. Speaking at PaleyFest’s Fall TV Preview event for The Mindy Project, creator and star Mindy Kaling addressed what’s in store for the final season. And from the sound of it, things are going to feel different…

Vision for the final season of The Mindy Project

“We thought that [Mindy Lahiri] started the show with a real clear premise of, she’s obsessed with romantic comedies. She will not be happy unless she has that life,” Kaling said of her character, and her vision for the final season. “And now, she has resigned herself to thinking that that is kind of an immature attitude.”

“She has a great job, great co-workers, a great professional life, and a great child,” Kaling continued. “So she’s like, ‘Well, that was a very childish [position].’ The journey of the final season is now, she’s nothing like she was at the beginning — at least not, romantically. And to see whether there are any surprises about that, and whether she’ll reclaim any of that.”

We already know that Mindy and Ben (Bryan Greenberg) will get divorced this season, and it’ll be interesting to see how that shakes out considering Mindy’s relatively new take on relationships.


Mixing things up for *every* character

Mindy Lahiri isn’t the only character facing major changes in this final season. Another is Tamra (Xosha Roquemore), who reveals in the season premiere — SPOILER! — that she’s planning on becoming a single mother. “We depend on these guys for comedy,” Kaling said. “For years, Tamra was a character who Mindy would go to for coolness advice, or hilarious jokes.”

“But Matt [Warburton] and I were both like, ‘We don’t want to finish the season without everyone having a story where they could say, I’m vulnerable about this. I’m scared about this. I hope it happens and if it doesn’t, that’s going to really devastate me.’ So what’s been fun is doing that with the entire cast, with different storylines. That’s a great arc, the one that Tamra has this season, which lasts the entire season. And Morgan becomes kind of involved in a fun way.”

A party for the ages

Kaling also revealed something very exciting on the Jeremy (Ed Weeks) and Anna (Rebecca Rittenhouse) front: The pair, who got a ‘lil flirtatious at the end of last season, are going to throw a Meryl Streep costume party. Kaling called it Weeks’ “best episode,” and said that “he nails three Meryl Streep costumes.” Weeks joked, “No spoilers, but I look good as a 60-year-old opera singer.” #BLESS

Weeks also told HelloGiggles that Jeremy and Anna will continue to be involved, but in typical Jeremy fashion, things will get a little awkward. “We saw some sparks fly at the end of last season,” he said. “The new season, they’re making a go of it, but it’s not going to be smooth. They both have their ghosts, their demons of previous relationships. Jeremy is a bit of a misanthrope. So far, his longest relationship has been with his pet bird, Roger. So it’s going to be interesting.”

We’ll say! Love you Roger, but you might need to make some room for Anna, okay?

A very exciting backstory

Last but not least is Beverly (Beth Grant), who is a complete and utter enigma. But perhaps not for long, as Grant told HelloGiggles that we’ll learn a bit about her character’s past in this final go. “We find out more about her family,” she said. “Mindy and Matt wrote the most beautiful episode that has some real history with Beverly…I was so moved when I read the script and I didn’t expect it. I was so complimented that they would trust me with this kind of material.”

We obviously can’t wait to find out more about Beverly and the rest of the characters. Here’s to another amazing season of The Mindy Project, which streams on Hulu on Tuesdays.

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