How to take care of YOU every day

We’ve teamed up with Bayer and Skyla® (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system) 13.5 mg to bring you the “Me Years,” an editorial series all about celebrating YOU.

When you have a hectic life schedule, it can be hard to take time for yourself. At first, it may seem selfish, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting yourself first! We all deserve self-love, and sometimes, the best way to achieve it is to show yourself some good old-fashioned appreciation. So, for all the busy women out there who hustle on the daily, here are just a few ways for you to celebrate yourself today and always.

1. Unwind with a cup of tea and a book before bed.

To help unwind before bedtime, try reading and having herbal tea instead of streaming Netflix or scrolling through Instagram right before bed.

2. Check in with yourself.

At least once a day, ask, “What do I need right now?” — and then listen! Whether it’s a sweet treat or a nap, it’s amazing what a big difference just acknowledging your needs can make in your day-to-day.

3. Take a cuteness break.

Instead of getting lost in the social media spiral, take a break and watch a cute animal video instead. Nothing makes life feel better quite like puppies and kittens doing puppy and kitten things.

4. Go for a walk.

OK, this seems simple, but… we spend a lot of time looking at screens, and sometimes, our brains (and eyes!) need a little break. Try something as simple as stepping away from your computer or getting some fresh air.

5. Mix up your water — and drink lots of it.

Add a little fruit to your water as a special treat. It feels weirdly luxurious, and makes it easier to get in your eight glasses a day.

6. Surround yourself with relaxing scents.

Light an aromatherapy candle or some incense to help chill out after a long day. Put a lavender pouch in your pillow for relaxation!

7. Reflect on what you’re grateful for.

Taking stock of what you’re grateful for every day is an awesome way to highlight the positives in your life. It also helps you tune in to the things that make you happiest — and make sure you experience them more.