We’ve got your hipster Little Mermaid costume right here

The Little Mermaid is blowing up the Internet. A faux wedding photo shoot, featuring an Ariel-themed bridal party has set off trending alarms on Facebook, just in time for Halloween. The photos of the fictitious bride, as a DIY-loving, super-cool version of TLM, have obviously served as a last-minute reminder: Ariel is an inspired costume. No, we’re not talking about the pre-packaged Ariel costume that comes neatly wrapped in plastic. We’re talking about the Ariel that lives in all our hearts—hipster Ariel. We did a little browsing on Etsy, in character, of course, in order to find some items hipster Ariel would totally wear on an average day. And here you have it:

1.  Shell Crop Top 

Because a shell bra just does not seem supportive or comfortable.

2.  Ariel’s “Kiss the Girl” Bow

Just add a canoe, and you can practically hear the sha-la-la’s! Seriously, how cute is this bow?

3.  Scale Print Mermaid Leggings

These bad boys are under $10!

4.  An Ariel Yarn Wig

Forget the wig, try a crocheted hat that doubles as hair—because hipster Ariel’s totally into knitting.

5.  Under the Sea Nail Art

Once Upon A Nail‘s scaled, mermaid-inspired, hand-painted fake nails are absolutely Instagram-worthy.

6.  A Dinglehopper Neckalce 

Isn’t it neat?

7. Little Mermaid hand-painted Tom’s flats

Because TLM needs comfy shoes if she’s going to walk around all night on land.

8. A handmade chunky Flounder ring

Come on, you think we’d forget Ariel’s besite?

Now all you need are some black-framed nerd glasses and you’re good to go.

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