The entire Emmy campaign for “The Leftovers” revolves around trying to get Justin Theroux naked

The entertainment gods must’ve sensed that we’re long overdue for a blessing, and boy have they delivered. Well, they’re trying to, at least. Justin Theroux will strip if The Leftovers receives Emmy nominations.

According to The Leftovers series creator Damon Lindelof’s Instagram, he has vowed to get Theroux to peel out of his clothes if the show gains the coveted Emmy nod. If you’ll recall, fans of the show were majorly bummed last year when The Leftovers received zero Emmy nominations, but if Lindelof (and erm, all of us) has his way when this year’s contenders are announced, we’ll be in for a visual treat.

Wait — so, what on Earth does Jennifer Aniston have to say about her husband’s potential pantsless shenanigans? Does she approve, or is she somewhere secretly rooting against Theroux’s possible Emmy nod?

Ha! We totally doubt it, but it appears that Lindelof will stop at nothing to make this happen, and we’re admittedly overjoyed at his persistence.

In fact, Lindelof has launched a hilariously, meme-filled social media campaign to guarantee that the world gets to witness Theroux without those famous sweatpants, if and when, the show is nominated.

"Nominate Theroux and the sweatpants go away," reads a pic of a shirtless Theroux in the role of Kevin Garvey. "#LastDayofEmmyVoting."

Because a single Instagram post does not a campaign make, Lindelof didn’t stop there.

And finally, our personal fave:

Now that your imagination is working overtime, we know you’re dying to know when the Emmy Award nominees will be announced, so we’ve got you covered.

In just a couple of weeks, the 68th Emmy nominations announcements will take place on July 13. Needless to say, if The Leftovers makes the cut, this will mean wins all around for the cast, the show’s viewers, and obviously Theroux’s fans.