The latest Snapchat update will remind you of your favorite Instagram feature

As of late, we’ve been seeing more and more updates to make Instagram more like Snapchat. But now, a new update will make Snapchat a little more like Instagram.

A new update to Snapchat will allow for looping videos – a feature that closely resembles Instagram’s widely-used Boomerang feature, used to capture many a toasting mimosa and mirror selfie.

But that’s not the only updated heading to Snapchat, as there are lots of new unique features available on the social media app. From limitless snaps to a “magic eraser” — here is what you need to know.

1No time limit on Snaps:

Bye Bye, 10-second time limit! Set your photo timer to “infinity” and send your friends a scene-by-scene rendition of Titanic, if that’s what you’re into. Like always, it’ll disappear once your friend closes it.

2An emoji brush for ~expressive~ art:

When a simple emoji won’t cut it, use an emoji brush to draw out hundreds of emojis (hearts, fire, etc;). false

3Magic eraser:

Erase anything you don’t like right out of the picture! Just tap the scissors tool, then the Stars icon. MAGIC.

Okay, you crazy kids. Get snapping.

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