The latest “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” trailer features Rebecca’s mom and we are LOLing

We’re seriously excited about some awesome things 2017 already has to offer. So far, the top of our list is the return of the CW and Rachel Bloom’s hit show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! And this trailer for the next episode does not disappoint. Mostly because it heavily features one of our favorite underrated characters, Rebecca’s mom.

So if you’re not caught up with the show beware: There are some light spoilers ahead!

In this trailer we see Rebecca and Josh not only happily together, but meeting Rebecca’s mom! Fans of the show will know that Rebecca’s relationship with her mom is complicated to say the least. Rebecca tries and (often fails) to get approval from her, and it almost never works out.

That’s why it’s super weird and almost kind of disturbing when it’s revealed that Rebecca’s mom seems to approve of Josh!

It seems very unexpected because Rebecca’s mom was so against Rebecca moving to West Covina in the first place. So it is odd that she would approve of the man that was the catalyst for Rebecca’s not-so-well-thought out decision. However, the trailer reveals all.

Rebecca’s mom and Josh hit it off, much to Rebecca’s utter horror.

Add in some great mom-style toilet humor, and what promises to be some wonderful musical numbers, and we’re so into this trailer! Tovah Feldshuh, star of Kissing Jessica Stein, plays Rebecca’s mom. She’s so funny, and adds such great depth to what is already an amazing show. You can check out the full episode trailer below:

We can’t wait to see what will happen! We’ll definitely be tuning into Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, now back on The CW Fridays at 9/8 Central to find out what happens next!