Here are the four most important things we learned about The Kingdom on “The Walking Dead”

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead introduced a new community to viewers: The Kingdom. Like Alexandria (formerly, at least) and the Hilltop, The Kingdom is a place where some people have managed to band together and create a walker-free haven. The people there also helped Morgan save Carol at the end of Season 6.

The Kingdom is, in some ways, a very different community than the others we’ve seen. Here are four of the most important things we learned about it in the second episode of Season 7

1. They have a king who has a pet tiger

Yeah, you read that right. Their leader goes by King Ezekiel, and he has a pet tiger named Shiva. We learned how he formed a bond with the tiger last night, too: He saved her life, and then she repaid the favor by helping him become an impressive figure that people would follow during a zombie apocalypse. It’s weird, but we’re kind of in love with both of them.


2. They also give supplies to the Saviors

This one is key: Just like the Hilltop and now, Rick’s group, the people at The Kingdom have been threatened by the Saviors and are being forced to procure food for them. And they’re doing that (though the pigs they’ve been giving the Saviors have been eating walkers, which is gross and fantastic and seems very just).

The young man to whom Morgan is teaching aikido says that Ezekiel is keeping the Saviors a secret from most of The Kingdom’s residents because he’s afraid they’ll want to fight the group, and get slaughtered. However, Rick’s group has never been afraid to fight – and despite the events of this season’s first episode, it’s safe to speculate that soon, the independent groups might get tired of the Saviors, and join each other to fight them

3.  They feel safe

As Ezekiel tells his new BFF Carol: People who feel safe are more productive. And the people at The Kingdom seem constantly active: they’re growing food, doing laundry, engaging in weapons training, and eating a looooot of cobbler (“We have cobbler at every meal,” a man tells Carol). Some are even singing in a choir — just go with it. This also explains why Ezekiel hasn’t told most of his subjects about the Saviors.

4. They let Carol go

Rather than force Carol to stay at The Kingdom, they let her go. That’s important, because King Ezekiel wants to help keep her safe but ultimately, lets her do what she feels is necessary. It’s a show of trust and respect that tells a lot about The Kingdom, and the way it’s run. Carol moves to a house just outside their realm, though, so she’s close by enough for Ezekiel to drop by with his per tiger and offer her pomegranates.