The Kardashian ladies had what looks like the most fun Christmas Eve ever based on these Snapchats

Christmas Eve is a time to be with family and celebrate, and no family celebrates quite like the Kardashians. On Christmas Eve, even Kim Kardashian celebrated at Kris Jenner’s fabulous party, and they all looked like they had a blast. Kim has naturally been laying low after the terrifying robbery she survived this summer.

But in classic Kim K. fashion, when she hits the party, she still knows how to steal the show. Kim was featured in a number of Snaps with  sisters Khloé and Kourtney. Kylie and Kendall Jenner attended as well, and everyone danced the holiday night away.

Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian showed off some serious skills on the dance floor.

WOW, that is some Dancing with the Stars level of skill as Khloé picks Kourtney up and spins her around. It’s awesome to see these ladies having so much fun.

And Kim Kardashian showed off some serious fashion.

Naturally, Kim glittered throughout the whole room in this stunning gold gown. We can even hear Khloé on the camera saying, “You are a badass bitch, Kim.” And we agree, she does look pretty badass festive.

The stunning ladies also grabbed microphones for some pretty epic lip syncing.

Um, can we just say that lip synching like pop stars at a party is also one of our favorite activities? We’re so glad that the Kardashians share our silly love for that particular party activity.

Even North West made an appearance at the party, looking adorably fabulous.

OMG, too sweet! And of course little North wore a custom-made Alexander Wang dress because…the holidays.

We can definitely say that these fabulous women know how to party!

And Kris Jenner’s bash was obviously THE place to celebrate with family on Christmas Eve!