The iPhone 7 survived this insane acid test and we are like whoa

We all know people with iPhones — or have them ourselves. And we also know that, as far as smartphones go, they’re pretty indestructible. Sure, the screen may shatter when we drop it, but it still works (usually). Ah-mazing! Now, an iPhone 7 survived this insane acid test, reported Science + Technology, and we’re still in disbelief.

I mean, we knew the iPhone 7 was a superstar phone, but this test def blew us away.

Wired had said the iPhone 7 can “handle a dip in the pool.” We thought they meant a pool of water. But now, we can add a pool of acid to the list, too. Not like we’re recommending you try this at home. In fact, don’t try this at home! Just check out the below stills from TechRax’s YouTube Video on what happens when an iPhone 7 meets acid — both fluoroantimonic and sulfuric. Then, prepare to be blown away along with the rest of us.


First, TechRax prepped the fluoroantimonic acid, which has a pH level of -31 and is way way way stronger than sulfuric acid, according to TechRax. He also called it “the most corrosive acid on the planet.” Whoa!

image-10-e1480293527146.png agreed, stating it is the “world’s strongest superacid” and “the strongest superacid known the man.”

Here’s TechRax trying to open the acid, which proves to be harder than it looks.


Then, TechRax preps the iPhone 7. (Aww, poor phone!)


What happens next? TechRax takes the 100 grams of the acid and pours some of it onto the back of the phone. He is surprised to find that the acid within looks crystallized.


As you can see, the more acid TechRax pours out, the more it still looks like little crystals. Btw, in case you’re wondering, yes, TechRax left the phone on during this experiment (!!!).


Around 12 hours later, here’s what the acid did to the phone so far.


Wow, right?!

As you can see, the acid dissolved somewhat, but TechRax was surprised it didn’t dissolve even more.

What did he do next? Added more crystallized acid, of course. And look, he has to use a hammer to get the crystallized acid out of the bottle. (Gasp!)


He then adds a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. You can see how it adds more white areas to the phone.


Then, some sulfuric acid is added.


Here’s the phone taking its acid bath… (Not a pretty site, we agree!)


Afterwards, it doesn’t look too bad. But when all is said and acid-soaked, will the iPhone 7 still turn on?!


TechRax plugs it in to see if the iPhone 7 will start — and we are in suspense. Even if it does go on, there’s no telling how crazy it’ll act now, post-acid bath.


The end result? Even though some of the glass started to get eaten by the acid, the iPhone turns on! Ahhhhhhh-mazing!


But how does it act overall? We’ll leave you to find out by watching TechRax’s iPhone 7-meets-acid YouTube video here. Again, DO NOT try this at home!

All in all, this proves to us — once again, amirite?! — that iPhones are true megastars when it comes to the smartphone world. I mean, surviving the “world’s strongest superacid”?! That’s a holiday miracle in and of itself. #Longliveiphones!