The internet thinks this girl looks EXACTLY like Emma Watson, and whoa

You know how your BFF thinks her boyfriend looks like Ryan Gosling just because he’s blonde? Well, I pinky swear that this case of a celebrity twin is so much better than that. Check this out: The whole internet, basically, thinks this girl looks exactly like Emma Watson, and you know what? They’re right, she definitely does. She will make you believe in the ever-elusive existence of doppelgängers, How I Met Your Mother-style. They’re real, they’re out there, and 24-year-old Megan Flockhart is Emma Watson’s. According The Mirror, Flockhart never noticed the resemblance until she dressed up as Hermione from Harry Potter (I don’t mean to insult your intelligence by reminding you that, but I have to) and posted a picture on Instagram.

Since then, the Glasgow native says she gets it all the time. “In the past year the comments have become almost daily in person and online,” she said. “The reaction has been amazing! I started with Hermione as I had the costume at Halloween a year before.”

It is a pretty serious compliment to get and Flockhart is super grateful for the attention, though she has a good perspective on all the madness, since some nasty commenters were getting on her case for “promoting herself” as Watson’s twin. She totally isn’t. It was just something people noticed that sort of blew up, as things tend to do on the interwebs.

Flockhart wrote on her Instagram page, “Emma Watson is a truly remarkable woman who’s empowering and inspiring through her humanitarian efforts to her overall values and talent and yes I definitely aspire to be as empowering as her one day, but I don’t actually think I am her.” She added, “this is an extremely bizarre thing to be writing about and I realize no matter what I say people will always get the wrong impression.” 

What makes all of this really exciting is that Flockhart is actually a major Harry Potter fan and she often dresses up as characters and posts them to her Insta feed. She told The Mirror in the same interview, “I don’t currently make any money, it’s more of a hobby that started from my blog. My blog is not Potter themed as, although I am a huge Potterhead, I do style other characters I love too.”

And her big dream, now that she knows she has a little Watson in her? “I want to go to as many Comic Cons as possible. I want to meet fellow cosplayers and possibly do meet ups and collaborations. I want to have as much fun as possible and see where it will take me.”

Keep being you, Flockhart, because there are much worse things in this world than channeling a wizard and a fellow feminist like Watson.

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