The internet is losing it over this guy feeding his GF chicken nuggets while she gets a manicure

Is there any declaration of true love greater than feeding one’s significant other chicken nuggets? The answer is no, there is not.

If you’re reading this story thinking it’s too good to be true, then prepare for a delightful plot twist. It all began when 19-year-old Lea Adame witnessed an endearing encounter at a local nail salon and felt compelled to share the incident on Twitter.

You see, the manicurist next to Adame was meeting her son’s girlfriend for the first time, according to the sleuths over at Buzzfeed News. While the manicurist chatted with the girlfriend and gave her what we expect to be a fabulous mani, the son-slash-boyfriend rose above and beyond and hand-fed his girlfriend chicken nuggets mid-manicure.

Now that’s some selfless love, folks.

“It was so cute…he was a keeper,” Adame told Buzzfeed News. “What guy will go to a nail salon with a girl, let alone will feed her food while there?”

To answer your questions, Lea: We don’t know, but we ~need~ a partner just like him.

In keeping with the old adage—pics or it didn’t happen—Adame snapped a photo of the incident for Twitter. And Twitter reacted accordingly: false

It even seems that said girlfriend in the photo reached out to Adame to thank her for sharing the nugget-feeding photo: 

It’d be cliche to call this one out as #relationshipgoals, so we’ll go with what Twitter user  @DBUNugNugz said: #TrueLoveGivesYouNugz.

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