The internet isn’t sure how to feel about Kylie Jenner tucking her sweatpants into clear boots

Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner posed with her sweatpants tucked into clear plastic boots, which caused the internet to (understandably) lose its mind. It IS a very unique way to wear boots and sweatpants, so it’s understandable people had some feelings about it.

While style-watchers are split on the look — some love the Adidas pants tucked into Yeezy PVC ankle boots, others are less enthused — Kylie definitely exudes the confidence of a woman who knows her outfit will spawn a thousand clones.

Topping off her comfy-sexy ensemble with a white crop top, no one can deny that Kylie is owning this unconventional look.

Some of Kylie’s fans are totally on board with her getup, though they bemoaned their own lot as regular mortals who could never pull off the look.

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Others had some slightly less enthusiastic thoughts on the ensemble.


Either way, we know this isn’t the last heels-sweats look we’ll be seeing from the makeup maven. After all, she rocked stilettos and sweatpants for a plane ride in 2015, and we know how much she adores her tracksuits.

Want to recreate this look? Score a pair of copycat boots here ($59.99) and get sweats like Kylie’s here ($44.99).

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