The internet is LOVING this dude from last night’s debate

Alright, so if you watched last night’s second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you’ll probably remember Ken Bone, the guy dressed in a BRIGHT red sweater and khaki pants who posed a question about energy policy.

And because the internet is a magical, mysterious place, this dude is BLOWING UP!

First off, here he is asking his question.

As you can see, Bone kind of has an endearing (dare we say it, lovable) quality. He’s become so popular that a parody account even surfaced on Twitter, the description reading “WELCOME TO THE BONE ZONE.” Literally.

And single handily, Bone has caused Twitter to explode.

"I think we can all agree that Ken Bone has brought Americans a little closer. Thank you #kenbone #debate."

People are even going crazy over that knit sweater!



And now he’s everyone’s favorite presidential candidate.


"Who thought #KenBone would be the leading presidential candidate after this debate? #KenBone2016."

"The red sweater, the moustache, soft spoken but confident, the disposable camera. Exactly what America needs. Ken Bone for President #debate"

Also, we gotta bring up that sweater again. Because it’s really become a thing.

"#KenBone just became the hottest Halloween costume of 2016. You won't find a red half-zip on store shelves for 500 miles."

Here’s the tweet that sums everything up: false

"My #debate highlights: 1) #KenBonesSweater 2) #KenBonesQuestion 3) #KenBone"

Hopefully Ken Bone isn’t feeling too overwhelmed by all the attention! Becoming famous overnight does have its perks, though. Talking to CNN, he referenced going from seven Twitter followers to “several hundred.” He also gave this sweet comment:

"And I don't know why they care what I have to say, but I'm glad they're engaged in the political process."

Awwww! The internet can be a weird and wonderful place. We hope that it treats Ken well, and let’s not forget — his question about energy policy was LEGIT important — some might argue THE most important question of our time. So let’s give Ken some props!

H/T: Us Weekly