The internet is losing its collective mind over McDonald’s holiday cup

In the last few years, the holidays have come to mean more than just decorations and celebrations. Now, every holiday season means it’s time to check out the ~best~ holiday coffee cups and drinks. With the popularity of Starbucks’ holiday cups, it seems other major coffee sellers, like Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s, are getting into the holiday cup game. Unfortunately, the rush to create the holiday cup has created some controversy over at McDonald’s. The beloved fast food chain was looking to spread holiday cheer but instead, their cups have an accidental NSFW design, which cannot be unseen.

Check out the McCafe holiday cup below:


At first the cup looks harmless, right? It features snowflakes falling behind two white mittens, which come together to create a backdrop for the McDonald’s holiday message “Warmest Greetings” written across them. It gets a little interesting when quick pen work reveals the thumbs of the mittens to be hands pulling butt cheeks apart. Nothing spreads cheer like a little butt-humored joke, right?

It seems that Twitter is having a field day:


While McDonald’s has yet to respond to the NSFW cup art, we think it’s actually pretty hilarious. It goes to show how hard it is to do pretty much anything without someone on the internet seeing something eye-catchy. While this is much different than the green cup debacle over at Starbucks, it’s clear that the internet loves a good holiday cup scandal.

Hopefully, the iconic fast food chain will be pretty good humored about the cup but it’s safe to say, they’ll have to think long and hard for next year’s holiday campaign.

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