The internet has mixed feelings about this “Jeopardy!” category

In a world where simple things don’t always last, there’s something comforting about the long-running success of Jeopardy! Usually, you can expect to tune in and find diverse questions about presidents, land mass, historical figures, science and Earth facts, and more. Sometimes, people even answer Final Jeopardy using a meme. But last night, the show revealed a category choice that has many people riled up.

The Jeopardy! category in question? “Stay Woke.” This reminds us of the time Alex Trebek rapped Drake lyrics on the air.

“Stay woke” can technically mean a few different things. But in recent history, it has evolved into a term that encourages awareness of social justice issues. Specifically, the phrase “stay woke” and the concept of being “woke” have been connected to the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s a phrase that is used to describe people who are paying attention to the issues of racism, sexism, class, and structural inequality.

So, yeah, it might be a little weird to see “stay woke” used as a Jeopardy! category. But the way it was used is what got some people riled up.


Turns out the category was about stimulants, and literally staying physically awake. The use of the phrase in this way kind of played out like a dad joke, according to some.

Some people suggested it could’ve been worse. Which, true!

But then there were those people who loved it. And they weren’t hesitant to shout out their appreciation.


Ultimately, as with anything that makes it onto the internet, there were mixed feelings. Could this incident mark the beginning of the end for the phrase? We’ll know for sure if our grandmothers suddenly start adopting the phrase to reference their Earl Grey tea habits.

Should Jeopardy! have used the term as a joking, tongue-in-cheek category title? Maybe, maybe not, considering the history it’s tied to. But don’t blame Alex Trebek — it was probably a suggestion from someone in the inner workings of the show.

What do you think?