Here’s a hint about the sequel date in “The Incredibles” that you totally missed

We’ve been so, SO excited about The Incredibles 2. . . even if it’s coming over a decade after its prequel. Hey, at least we’re getting it — we’re not complainin’. However, it *is* a little strange that Pixar would wait about 15 years to release the sequel. . . or is it?

Yesterday, Imgurian VideoCoin posted a screenshot of the release date for the two superhero Pixar movies next to each other, paired alongside an infamous quote from the villainous Syndrome. Mr. Incredible is begging Syndrome to call the missile off his family, saying he’ll “do anything.”

“Too late!” Syndrome spits back. “15 years too late.”

15 YEARS, GUYS. Sure, it’s not *exactly* a 15-year difference, but you can totally round up (summer movies are more fun, anyway).

VideoCoin titled the post “Coincidence? I THINK NOT!” The post has since been viewed 500,000 times.

Of course, Syndrome is referencing the fact that Mr. Incredible mistreated him a decade and a half ago, and we can’t help but wonder. . . is this going to come back up in the next movie? What does it all MEAN? So many questions, and so long until we get them answered — three years, as a matter of fact. We’ve gone through 12 years and WE’VE STILL GOT THREE MORE TO GO.


Either way, just goes to show that Pixar will always be wildly good at blowing our minds.

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