The iconic mall store The Limited is closing, and we are SO sad

Ah, those carefree days of youth spent trolling the local mall in search of glitter eyeshadow, plastic choker necklaces, and chunky heels — feels like yesterday, but mainly because all of these things are literally in style again! Our tween hearts are set aflutter! And yet, even with the resurgence of so many beloved styles from the late ’90s and early aughts, we’re crying real tears over the fact that many of our fave shops are shuttering to make way for newer brands, especially since it looks like The Limited is joining the ranks of the defunct.

Few other stores were as ever present in every suburban mall when we were younger than The Limited. They’re totally iconic! They were also the perfect place to go when you needed fancy black pants for a formal event or you wanted to get a top that was slightly more sophisticated than one from their sister store, Limited Too. To the eyes of an 11-year-old, their dangly necklaces and professional-looking belts were the perfect accessories to really make yourself look like a serious, grown-up tween. And what did we do when we needed that perfect first button-down for a job interview? We ran straight to the Limited for their most reasonably priced and crispest blouse! No one did business casual like they did! We’re weeping.

It looks like January 7th will be the ill-fated day when stores shut down, and we can’t help but feel a pang of sadness for yet another relic of our youth that is biting the dust. And though it’s not necessarily surprising, seeing as they recently declared bankruptcy and several of their stores began shutting down late last year, it’s still distressing to see the finality of it all.

Do you have fond memories of The Limited? Did you ever buy a dress there for a school dance when you were 14, thinking it would make you look older and perhaps your crush would ask you to dance, when in reality you just looked like a scrawny child in oversized glasses wearing a dress that was too big for your non-existent boobs?!? Us, too.

RIP, The Limited! We will remember you fondly, and with love.