We were already sold on ‘The Hunger Games’ soundtrack. Then CHVRCHES happened.

Back in August, it was announced that Lorde would be curating The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 soundtrack. So far, we’ve only been treated to tidbits of information regarding the album, but the track listing seems to be getting better and better. Our most recent treat? A brand new track from CHVRCHES will be featured on the album! The synth-heavy tune “Dead Air” completes the track list for the album. And, as Spin previously mentioned, the song “lyrically reflects The Hunger Games’ wartime plot: We hold up to an idea / And we’ll fight what we can’t see / We just hold up to an idea / We keep going till we can’t hear.”

Obviously, this is wondrous news, but there’s even more to be psyched about. Have you seen the album’s full track listing? Here are a few more reasons that have us thinking this will be the best soundtrack of the year.

It features unlikely (albeit beautiful) collaborations


Did I mention that Lorde, HAIM, Pusha T, Stromae and Q-Tip will all be featured on a single track? It seems the entire album is chock full of genre bending collaborations that are as beautiful as they are unexpected. On Monday, Lorde announced on Twitter that she would be including a collaboration between pop songstress Ariana Grande and electro super group, Major Lazer. If that’s not enough for you, listen to this track from The Chemical Brothers and Miguel. The collaboration makes for an industrial hip-hop vibe that is strangely sensual. Not to mention, this is the first track The Chemical Brothers have made in two years. Go Mockingjay or go home.

It still honors musical classics

It doesn’t get any more classic than Grace Jones, people. Aside from her track, “Original Beast,” Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran teamed up with Charli XCX for a track called “Kingdom.” Can you imagine hearing Charli XCX singing with Simon Le Bon? Those two voices together?! My ears are already melting (in the best way possible).

Lorde’s “Yellow Flicker Beat” is the epitome of emotional goodness

The track’s slow and moody build to a booming chorus couldn’t be more perfect. Not to mention, the lyrics are empowering and make you want to wield a metaphorical sword to any of your adversaries. Lorde will also be contributing a track called “Ladder Song” to the album. I’m guessing “Ladder Song” is a Bright Eyes cover (don’t quote me on that). Either way, we’re thrilled.

The soundtrack will be available on November 17th. Let the agony of waiting continue. . .

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