The hottest brow trend on Pinterest is still going strong into 2017

Microblading, aka eyebrow etching, is the hottest eyebrow trend of the moment, as Pinterest has confirmed by adding an informational pin from brow powerhouse Anastasia Beverly Hills to their “Pinterest 100 of 2017.”

The results of the tattoo-like procedure can last up to a year depending on your skin type, but it’s not permanent. Microblading provides an enticing potential solution for the overplucked among us. The process isn’t as painful as tattooing, since no needles are involved, and application lasts about two hours.

Your brows will look textured and natural, instead of drawn-on. Best of all, your makeup routine will be streamlined. Check out the pins below to learn more!

Here are five fast facts about microblading, for the uninitiated:

We love a good before and after collection.

Just lay back and think about all the money you’ll save on brow products!

There are as many eyebrow shape options as there are faces!

More research from InStyle.

Now, go forth and stay on trend in the new year!

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