The High Speed Life of America’s Youngest Female Billionaire

I dream about being a billionaire a lot. Mainly because I have a whole bunch of loans from my expensive education but, also because there are a lot of things I would love to do and people I would love to help. Not needing to worry about having the money to do those things would be super nice, as would not needing to worry about how I’m going to pay back all those loans. I also dream about In-N-Out Burger a lot. Especially since I moved back East from San Diego last year. Oh, In-N-Out, you and your delicious animal style, Neapolitan milkshakes, secret menu…YUM!

So, why am I talking about billionaires and burgers? Because America’s youngest female billionaire happens to be the In-N-Out Heiress, and she is just 30 years old! Lynsi Torres is the granddaughter of founders Harry and Esther Snyder, and she leads quite the exciting life. The coolest factoid about Mrs. Torres, yes, she’s married with twins (she’s been married three times and hasn’t gone broke from the divorces, so I’m gonna say she’s got a great legal team) is that she’s a drag-racer during her free time. This qualifies her as an ultimate badass in my book. Straight up, BA!

In fact, she flies so far under the radar that she’s more well known on the drag-racing strip than she is for her position at In-N-Out. Racing runs in the family, she inherited the bug from her late father and her husband, Val Torres, Jr. – also a drag-racer. She competes in the National Hot Rod Association’s Super Gas and Top Sportsman Division 7 categories. She even drives some pretty sweet cars: a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda and a 1984 Chevrolet Camaro. For someone who could be out partying, living it up at clubs and in Vegas, making headlines all the time for bad behavior, the fact that she’s more well known on the race track just makes her seem that much more likeable.

Torres’ profile was so low, that she wasn’t unveiled as a billionaire until a March 2012 Bloomberg report about hidden billionaires. She gained control of half of the company as the sole family heir through a trust after her Grandmother’s death in 2006. She will retain full control after she turns 35. Not bad for someone with no college degree and only some formal management training (I’m kind of starting to regret that expensive education….not really…but maybe…). Part of In-N-Out’s success is that it was structured to run based off a very strict business model that has assured its quality control over product and helped it run like a well-oiled machine. But, don’t criticize her for not having much to do or ousting you from the company, because she’s not afraid to call you out in the Los Angeles Times.

Torres is also a philanthropist, involving herself with Healing Hearts and Nations, a religious group that goes on missions to Africa. She funded the organization in 2010, acting as the CFO however, it’s unclear if she still retains that position today.

Whether or not she stays in control of In-N-Out  after her 35th birthday, Torres will not be hurting for money or hobbies. Based off of the very little information there is about her, she seems like a pretty cool chick. And, if you want to feel like even more of a slacker, check out this list of other billionaires around the world while you cue up Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy.

(Seriously though, wouldn’t it be great to win the lottery….?)

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