‘The Hateful 8’ trailer is here, and it is intense

The Hateful 8 gang has finally arrived and they look mean — but they look mean in the context of the movie, which undoubtedly looks amazing. Quentin Tarantino‘s latest film (his eighth) has already managed to gain lots of buzz (thanks in part to the fact that the script leaked ahead of time, which was not cool) and now it finally has a full-length trailer. Ready to head to the old west?

This isn’t the old west like we know it, though. Set “six or eight or 12 years after the Civil War” there are no shots of the desert, or buffalo roaming free. Instead, we’ve got snow. Lots of it. So much snow, a group of eight travelers are forced to seek refuge all together in a cabin until the storm passes and they can continue on their journeys. One of them is a bounty hunter with his captured prisoner; one’s a sheriff; one’s a former soldier; and another one’s a general. They’re all unfamiliar to the next. And, one of them isn’t who they say they are. Between the eight of them they’ve gotta figure out who it is before everyone winds up dead. It’s like a movie version of the game Killer.

Part western, part mystery, all-around awesome? Tarantino knows how to capture our attention. Also, the poster ICYMI is gorgeous.

The movie stars a whole slew of amazing people too: Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Walton Goggins, who wears a very big hat and it’s wonderful. At Comic-Con this past year, Tarantino explained that he wants the movie to be BIG, so it’s going to open in 70mm film on Christmas Day (that’s IMAX size). It opens everywhere else on January 8th.

Now, direct your eyes to the beautiful trailer below.


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