The Harley Quinn solo movie just took a major step towards becoming a reality

In case you didn’t get enough Harley Quinn, you may be in luck. Hollywood just locked in a screenwriter for her spinoff Suicide Squad film!

The movie centers on Quinn, played  by Margot Robbie. It features a number of female superheroes from DC Comics, which HELL YEAH. Christina Hodson, who recently wrote Shut, an upcoming movie featuring Naomi Watts, is the brains behind the script.

Robbie, who is enthusiastic about resuming her role as Quinn, will not only star in the film but also produce it. Though no official superheroes are being named yet, rumors are that Batgirl and Birds of Prey will make appearances.

DC keeps bolstering female empowerment and we (and thankfully Margot Robbie) can’t get enough!

As The Hollywood Reporter reported, it recently launched DC SuperHero Girls, a line of comics and products made largely for female fans.

Warner Brothers is also impressing us with its work toward gender inclusivity. The company implemented a policy that women be prioritized to produce and write films based on female superheroes.

For those of you that missed Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn is originally a psychiatrist working at a mental hospital. This is where she meets the Joker. (Yes, the Joker.) Before long, she’s smitten with him, which you can imagine doesn’t end well. Their relationship becomes filled with manipulation and soon leads to a life of crime. Originally just a sidekick, comic book fans loved her, and she became a full brand of her own.

Can’t wait to see our favorite lady superheroes hit the big screen come 2019.

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