The Great Conjunction Is Happening Today—Here’s What This Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Buckle your seat belt, it's about to be a transformative ride.

The long-awaited Great Conjunction occurs on the afternoon of December 21st the sign of Aquarius. This is the planetary alignment of expensive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn. Both planets will connect in the airy sign of Aquarius, the same day as the winter solstice (which also occurs the same day the sun enters Capricorn and eclipse season ends, due to the first quarter moon in Aries).

You may be wondering, what does the Great Conjunction mean and why is this astrological phenomenon important? Well, this is a transit that happens every 19-20 years and it’s the first time Jupiter and Saturn have connected since 2000 (which was in the sign of Taurus). And this is the closest these two planets have been in proximity since medieval times. Also, did we mention that the last time that Jupiter and Saturn have linked up in Aquarius was on January 7th, 1405? So, yeah, this is a pretty major cosmic event.

The Great Conjunction will push you to think outside the box, help you to be more innovative and original, and urge you to slow down and rebel against authority. You’ll also see more border controls as we, as a collective, battle the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The caveat is that you may not be ready to make such strides. Therefore, it’s essential to move in stride in your own time.

Below is the Great Conjunction horoscope for your zodiac sign. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Friends may come and go—but your ride-or-die besties will always stand by you. While your social circle is getting somewhat smaller, it means that you are weeding out the peeps who aren’t your true-blue BFFs. You’re embracing those who have proven their worth to you.


A new professional opportunity has currently presented itself to you. But, you may not be ready to take it on considering that you have a lot on your plate. Before you decline the offer, think about whether or not you can make this work. You may decide to take it.


You’re thirsting for adventure but scared to dive into the unknown and travel. This sentiment is echoed by the current affairs of the world. Instead of going globe-trotting, create the ambiance of a foreign place in your home (music, cocktails, and all) to set the mood of a staycation.


You are on the impetus of change. However, you are scared of moving towards transformation. The reason being is that this means you will have to live outside your comfort zone, which is really scary for you. Take a leap of faith and move towards growth at your own pace.


Now that you’ve committed your heart to your one and only, you’re second-guessing as to whether or not they are the perfect match for you. Stop overthinking matters. Lean into your heartfelt sentiments. Let your emotions guide you towards making the best decision for your relationship at the moment.


You’re more on edge than ever, which is making you extra keen on sticking to your daily routine. Don’t stress! Stop being super rigid in all of the mundane activities. Take a breather to decompress and be chill and calm in how you go about your daily vibe in your life.


Finding the “right” person to date is harder than ever, as you are being extremely picky, and raising the bar for your standards. Here’s a pro dating tip: Get to know your prospective partner IRL before you pass them up. You never know, they may be your ideal match.


Yes, you know that home is where the heart is. But, finding the place that you connect with the most is confusing. It’s not that you are ready to pack your bags and head out, rather you’re itching for a change and debating where, when, and how you can take the steps to move.


Real talk: You tend to embellish and exaggerate facts, but we love you anyway. Now, you are taking control of the narrative and making accurate statements—with no extra seasoning or flavoring added. You will be extra direct and more straight forward now.


Money is a bit of a funny thing; it comes and goes. Although you are known for being a baller, you’re feeling a disconnect from the material world. This means that you’re placing less importance on the material (for the first time in your life) and more on the spiritual.


You are unsure of how to move forward in life, which means that you will be spending a lot of time assessing the direction that you want to take in your life now. Don’t stress or beat your head against the wall. Ebb and flow while you figure things out.


It’s time to dig deep within yourself and connect with your subconscious. This will help you to commit to the dream you want to bring to fruition and manifest your visions. Take note of all the thoughts and emotions that come to you while you are sleep, your true path lies within.

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