This new dating app lets you assign grades to your dates

If you need proof that modern dating is a numbers game, look no further than the fact that Tinder asks if you want to “Keep Playing” every time you’ve matched with someone new. When switching between a million dating apps and websites, it can be hard to keep track of who’s worth a date — but lucky for single people everywhere, a new app is here to make the whole process a lot easier.

Seeking to take unwanted “surprises” out of online romance, dating app The Grade has introduced a new “peer review” feature in order to allow users to grade people they’ve gone on dates with. At first glance, the feature seems kind of terrifying: It asks whether or not the date in question was a “quality person” (which is kind of a harsh way of putting it — but hey, no one ever said dating was easy), and then asks for additional information as to why.

But before you compare it to Peeple, that controversial app which bills itself as Yelp reviews for humans, The Grade is quick to point out some key differences. In an interview with Buzzfeed, the app’s CEO, Cliff Lerner, claimed that the majority of users found the feature to be a great way of eliminating “creeps” and finding quality matches. In particular, the vast majority of women were more likely to “like” someone if they saw they had a positive review, and pass on someone if they didn’t. You also can’t post “free-form” reviews on the app — so if you’ve been scorned, you won’t be able to post a long, heartfelt essay about it.

The feature also allegedly makes for a better dating app experience: According to Buzzfeed, 84% of women felt safer using the app because of it, and 90% of men who’ve previously sent inappropriate photographs to women they’ve met online said it would dissuade them from doing so again. (FYI, this is sexual harassment — and it’s pretty sad that a peer review feature is the “tipping point” to get dudes to think twice about doing it. But I digress.)

As Lerner goes on to explain, the “peer review” feature is also an interesting approach to keeping users honest. People can report if someone has lied about themselves on their profile; if someone has lied about their relationship status; if they’ve acted inappropriately in any way (whether online or in person); and if an account is fake/spam. And rather than just let some users plummet into oblivion, The Grade will actually remove users who consistently receive negative reviews or send abusive messages. (Users are allowed to appeal this decision, however.)

For those unfamiliar, this new feature is one of three ways that people are allowed to rate matches on the app. Along with “peer review,” you can also grade matches based on their profile and messaging skills — which encourages users to respond in a timely manner rather than rack up a bunch of matches without ever actually sending a single text. While its latest feature might be a little controversial, we’re appreciative that The Grade is making an effort to make dating safer and more fun for all. Whether or not it pays off, we’ll just have to keep swiping to see.

(Images via The Grade.)

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