The girl who dressed up as a bottle of Ranch for “Ranch Day” is our hero

Most students at Brandon Valley High School celebrated “Ranch Day,” one of the themed days during their homecoming spirit week, by wearing flannels, jeans, cowboy boots and hats. But senior Carson Haase decided get zesty on “Ranch Day” and literally dressed as a bottle of Ranch.

She tweeted out a picture of herself in her homemade, exquisitely crafted, Ranch bottle costume, standing next to her fellow classmates, with a huge grin across her face. The tweet has garnered over 3,000 likes in just ten days.

Not only is this one of the wittiest, tongue in cheek spirit day costumes the internet has ever seen, according to Argus Leader, Haase’s inspiration for the costume, “came from a far more serious place.”

Haase’s close friend and hockey teammate, Brittany Corcoran committed suicide in March. “[Brittany] taught me a lot of things,” Haase told Argus Leader. “How to be strong in bad situations, [and] that it honestly doesn’t matter what people thought because there will always be people that like you anyway.”

Ranch Girl and Friends 2

And people like Haase a lot. Friend Payton Roesch says, “she’s hilarious,” and other students at Brandon Valley High (more like Hidden Valley High, amiright?) were stopping Haase to take pictures with the walking Ranch bottle as she passed through the halls.

Heck, Hidden Valley even gave Haase kudos for her clever costume.

So if you’re still thinking about what to be for Halloween this year, perhaps take a page out of Carson Haase’s book. Think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to get silly, because just like Haase learned from her friend Brittany, it doesn’t matter what people think. There are always going to be people who like you.

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