The Full House Hoax Is Everywhere You Look

There’s a chill in the air signaling that we’re making a beeline right into the holidays. Leaves are falling — as are your favorite celebrities’ luscious tresses. Hopefully some of that hair will reach Locks of Love because right now is also the time to celebrate little random acts of kindness. You know, those moments that prove there’s still plenty of good in this world.

While you’re planning one of your own, come on in (the water’s warm!) and enjoy a freshly mulled “The Week In WHAT?!

Children of the 90s to the Internet: How Rude!

Whatever happened to predictability? If you were over the moon when ABC Family announced it’s “Boy Meets World” sequel, then you probably lost your voice earlier this week from screaming about news of a “Full House” reboot. Unfortunately, your injured larynx, along with your crying and shaking, were all for naught because it was all a hoax. Various outlets ran the story based on an old April Fool’s item from Screen Rant, then the Internet went wild with it before anyone reached out for an additional comment or source. Maybe all the unexpected buzz could lead to actual discussions of a redux, but for now, you’ll have to stick to Tanner and Katsopolis family fan-fiction.

This Version of Thor Is Not Yet Rated

Speaking of fan-fiction, a movie theater in China mistakenly used a fan’s photoshopped version of the “Thor: The Dark World” movie poster as the real thing. The image may have led patrons to believe the film featured a homoerotic love story between the characters of Thor and Loki. Of course, that’s only if moviegoers were completely unfamiliar with the previous film, any of the comic books, or Thor’s mythology. However, if you fantasize about the idea of a Chris Hemsworth-Tom Hiddleston make-out sesh, then go ahead and print out your own full size copy.

No Touching!

Despite countless stories of people losing jobs or not getting hired in the first place because of content on their social media profiles, people still make their private moments and feelings all too public. However, a high school in Idaho recently fired a female basketball coach for posting a seemingly harmless image featuring her fiance’s hand on her breast on her Facebook page. The two are posing in a lake wearing bathing suits in the photo, and although her fiance works at the same school, he was not fired because she was the one who posted it. Uh, sexist much? While the school views the picture as “immoral,” parents are blowing the whistle and coming to the teacher’s defense. If the parents have their way, her career as a bench-warmer will be temporary.

Turtle Injuries Are Child’s Play

It’s a bird — it’s a plane — no, it’s the bionic turtle! A group of vets in Germany came across an abandoned tortoise, who sustained a bad leg injury. They determined the turtle, now going by the name of Schildi, required an amputation. So, they removed the leg and patched him up with a prosthetic. However, to ensure maximum mobility, they had to get a little creative. That’s when the good docs came up with an idea to use a Lego wheel. After combining one part veterinary surgical glue with one part TLC, the vets were able to put Schildi back together again.

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

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