The founder of the Indie Beauty Expo is giving her skincare line a luxe makeover

If you’re in the market for elegant skincare made with ingredients you can actually pronounce, you’re officially in luck! The founder of the Indie Beauty Expo, Jillian Wright, is revamping her skincare line that will be chock full of safe, organic ingredients to make your skin feel safe and happy.

During the past few years Jillian has not only founded and hosted the Indie Beauty Expo, a huge event dedicated to showcasing local and small-scale beauty brands, but she’s honed her focus on what products women love — natural skincare.

Her revamped luxury skincare line includes 22 products, with everything ranging from detox face masks to blemish treatments. Jillian Wright’s new skincare relaunch officially dropped today, so everything is fresh for the claiming.

The Jillian Wright Skincare Instagram is full of lush, yet minimal images detailing the natural ingredients of the products, and also occasionally showing wide-panned shots of nature. Her new design is all part of the shopping experience.

Wright explained her redesign to Women’s Wear Daily, saying:

“Rather than speaking to the qualities to be found inside the bottle, I wanted to expand the look and feel to the qualities and emotions my strong women felt in themselves and reached for when making shopping choices, she told WWD. “Plus, the market had changed: natural and clean is no longer strictly synonymous with earthy and crunchy.

The products range anywhere from $20 to $150.

Also, today, as part of the JWS launch you can enter the promo code “JSW20” and get 20% off all of the products on the website.

You can scroll through all the products on the JWS website and see if anything strikes your fancy.

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