The first full trailer for “The Mummy” reboot is here, and it looks insane

If you were a big Brendan Fraser fan back in the day, you’ve probably seen The Mummy more times than you can remember. Now, you’ll have to figure out if Tom Cruise can truly fill Fraser’s shoes. The first trailer for The Mummy reboot just debuted, and from the looks of it, fans of the franchise might want to buy their tickets ASAP.

The movie, originally hitting theaters back in 1999, starred Fraser as Rick O’Connell, an explorer who accidentally awakens a mummy during an archaeological dig. It was a huge box office hit, and ended up with a sequel, and a video game or two.

While the reboot seems a bit different (for example, Cruise plays his own character, and the mummy is female this time around) it’s definitely hoping to latch onto a few of the same concepts as its predecessor. Here’s the trailer, so you can see for yourself.

It looks pretty spooky. Of course, anything that starts with such a horrific plane crash is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

The brand new version also stars Sofia Boutella, Russell Crowe, and one of our favorites — Jake Johnson.

 We’ll still need to wait a bit to catch this one in theaters. It’s scheduled to be a summer release, coming out on June 7th of next year. Hopefully Brendan Fraser isn’t too bummed out that he’s been excluded from the cast this time around.

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