29 Things I thought while watching Disney’s ‘The Finest Hours’ trailer

Disney has just released the trailer for their brand new “based on a true story” movie, The Finest Hours. It tells the true story of a coast guard sea rescue set in 1950s New England. At first glance, it appears to be a Disney-fied Perfect Storm. So yes, you’ve got our attention.

The movie also boasts a pretty impressive cast. Chris Pine plays the coast guard captain who is sent out to sea in freezing temperatures to rescue a sinking oil tanker that’s got Casey Affleck on board. The flick also has Eric Bana as an officer back on land in Chatham, Massachusetts, and Holliday Grainger as Pine’s fiancée, who is not happy to see him head off into the ocean.

Check the trailer out for yourself, and here’s everything I thought while taking in this first peek at The Finest Hours.

1. Establishing shot of the Massachusetts coast. The Massachusetts coast really does look like this.

2. Establishing shot of Chris Pine. Chris Pine really does look like this.

3. And then, right out of the gate, Pine is doing a Boston accent. It’s . . . different.

4. Listen, Chris — can I call you Chris? — you don’t need to prove anything to me with your Boston accent. Thanks to your portrayal of James T. Kirk in Star Trek, you are my second favorite space pilot (following Han Solo). So like, I like you a lot. Kinda on the fence about this accent.

5. Not every movie set in or around Boston needs to pull out the Boston accents. Not every movie needs to be The Departed.

6. Hailing from Boston myself, it has taken me YEARS to drop my Boston accent, and still even sometimes I accidentally say things like “caaa-h.”

7. Let’s just move on. Maybe I’ll grow to like the accent.

8. It feels like the trailer is establishing the fact that Pine’s Bernie Webber doesn’t exactly care for the water, which will make things interesting, seeing as how he’s got a job with the Coast Guard.

9. Then it’s established that Affleck’s Ray Sybert is on a boat, and the boat has a great big crack in it.

10. Know who’s from Boston? Affleck. Know who’s not doing a Boston accent? Affleck.

11. The boat then appears to split directly in half, as if that’s not a fear I don’t have already every time I get onto a boat.

12. Actual footage from this past winter in New England.

13. The background song kicks in, and I had to Google it since the lyrics go, “if we make it out alive / from the depths of the sea” and I kinda want to be like, um, spoiler alert?

14. But the song is called “Compass” by Zella Day.

15. Affleck looks sad on his boat, and I can’t blame him.

16. More footage from this past winter in Boston. Did you know that there is STILL snow in Boston from winter?

17. And here we’ve got Bana! He’s ordering Pine to take to the sea and assist the stranded oil tanker.

18. Remember when Bana played Nero in the first Star Trek, and he spent the entire movie trying to kill Pine and the entire crew of the Enterprise?

19. Do you think the two guys talked a lot about Star Trek on set?

20. The cinematography for the movie is already beautiful and I’m excited.

21. One of Pine’s crew mates jokes, “please tell me we’re taking that boat to a bigger boat?” when he sees the size of the rescue boat they’ve been given. This makes me think of Jaws, and consequently every time I hear it I LOL.

22. Quick shot of Ben Foster, who’s helping Pine bring home the stranded oil tanker.

23. I really feel like Ben Foster should be in 100% more movies.

24. Then, just a million shots of waves crashing over the boat, really driving the point home that this is a bad storm and they shouldn’t be out in it.

25. Then, boats crashing into other boats. I’m already kinda scared of boats as it is, and this trailer is NOT helping me get back out on the water.

26. Looks like Grainger is single-handedly taking on the role of making sure that Pine and his men make it back safely. She’s got a line of cars with their headlights all illuminated, and that’s actually a pretty good idea.

27. Anytime someone says “brace yourselves” that’s the cue for a quick montage of crazy scenes, and this montage brings us lots of waves crashing, things flying, boats tumbling through the water, and then Pine yelling, “HOLD ON.”

28. Is the oil tanker rescued? Does Pine make it back to land safely? And everyone else? This is Disney, so it’s got to have a happy ending, right??

29. I’m kinda tempted to Google this real-life story, but then again I also want to go see this movie, and be totally surprised (and probably cry a lot).

The Finest Hours opens this January 29th, when it will be nice and cold in Boston.

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