The Fab 4: 4 New Fashion And Beauty Items For Winter

Sometimes when it comes to fashion, I feel like I’m right on top of it and then almost immediately not with it at all. Which is why online shopping is so awesome. Especially when sites are about more than just the products and actually show you how to wear different items as well. Like Joyus, for example. Joyus is a video-shopping site bringing you the latest trends in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and home décor. You’ll get in depth product descriptions and background info, so you won’t miss out on anything by not seeing your purchase in person.

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Here are some things from Joyus that I really like and think you’ll like too.

I’ve been hanging out with my ex boyfriend lately, and he made the careless remark that men make when they don’t have bad intentions, they just realize that you shouldn’t say this to a woman, and that comment was that my hair is thin. After I cried for 45 minutes, I decided that my new hair routine should be to stay away from product, yet try to add fullness. The Sarah Potempa Ceramic Styling Iron claims to do just that. Huzzah!

Because I’m such an egomaniac, I like to see my name and/or initials on my fashion choices whenever possible. These Whitley Design Necklaces have a cool look that I haven’t seen with other monogram necklaces. This is totally unrelated, but the neighbors upstairs are playing folk music that may or may not be live. It’s a little distracting.

I’ve been eating like I’m on a mission. I’m really into big comfy sweaters and chic button downs. Anything that makes me feel like, “Hey, it’s okay that you gained ten pounds, you still look cute. Or even sexy, dare I say? Yes, I dare.” If you’re like me, then I may have found the shirt for you.

The Bella Dahl Button Down Shirt. It just looks so freaking comfortable and breezy, and we all know how much I love being breezy.

Apparently one of the huge sins in womanhood is to not take off your makeup before bed. But sometimes we’re just so tired, lazy, and possibly inebriated (with joy, of course.) Preserve Skincare Pads make taking makeup off as painless as possible and I appreciate that, because sometimes after a long day, all I want to do is dive into bed and watch Workaholics.

Don’t forget! Order from Joyus and get 20 PERCENT OFF of your first purchase!  20%! Promocode: 204YOU

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What are your fashion and/or beauty interests as of late?