The Exploration of Unemployment: Occupy Rockefeller Center

I have a lot of dream jobs, I do. Sometimes I just think I’m gonna wake up to an email from one of them and my life will change – but I know that’s not going to happen. So, this installment of The Exploration of Unemployment is my simple plan to make one of them happen.

You see, one of my dream jobs is getting hired to work/write/be a production assistant on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Like Lena Dunham, I’ve had a crush on Mr. Fallon for years. I even ran into him in NYC one time, which was so surreal I probably looked like an insane person. But, he smiled at me and the clouds parted and it was a great day! I also like to think that there is a level of brilliance buried deep within my mind that only working at a creative place like a late night show can unearth. Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t, but just go with me.

So, my plan is to move to (or visit) NYC and camp outside of Rockefeller Plaza and look like a genius and maybe run into Jimmy again and convince him of my undeniable charm and wit and end up working at one of my dream jobs. I’d also be happy working backstage at the veritable institution that is Saturday Night Live or over at Comedy Central with Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert (I mean, I have a law degree and I understand the legal world and politics more than most, so that’s not as much of a stretch).

Seriously, I get it. Jobs like this are few and far between. Even the most connected of connected people might not get those jobs. And, if anyone reading this does have one of those coveted positions, please know that you are a lucky, lucky bastard! Also, contact me, yo!

I know I sound delusional, and if I’m being completely honest with myself, maybe I am a little bit. It’s just that I only really feel fulfilled when I’m being creative. I’ve tried to deny it, or push that drive into other things and activities, but my happiness always seems to circle back to outlets that allow me to use that creativity.  And, yeah, I didn’t go to school for the arts, or writing, or even anything remotely related to those subjects. I definitely went in the complete opposite direction of paperwork and pragmatism (law school…hello?!), but I was creative in high school and college and can’t seem to deny it anymore.  I’m pretty funny in my daily life (either that or people are laughing at me, instead of with me) and I have experience writing sketches and doing improve and generally just being silly. Plus, I’m a speedy learner.

I mean, a girl can dream…right?

Featured Image via Shutterstock.