The Exploration of Unemployment: Put Me In The Zoo

I don’t know if you all have heard, but there’s a new baby polar bear at the Buffalo Zoo. It’s been all over the news and I’ve been swooning my heart out. I loves me some polar bears and when they’re babies, get outta my way. So, the theme for today’s installment of exploring my unemployed state is going to focus on working at the zoo.

Yup. I want to work at the zoo. It’s actually not too far off from my original life plan, which was to become a Veterinarian. I put the kibosh on that though when I thought about all the animals I’d have to put down or lose in surgery. I couldn’t even handle thinking about it. I’d also like to give a warm shout out to all the vets and vet techs that do that every day. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m thankful there are people like you guys who can (and who are loving and warm to families going through the most painful thing ever).

When I was thinking about being a vet, I was able to do this awesome Explorers program that was led by the vet at our local zoo and we went on a super cool tour behind the scenes. Let me just say, I still think about how awesome it was to be behind the scenes at the zoo. We even got a tour of the animal hospital- unfortunately no patients were in there, but it was AMAZING!

Anyway, so, no vet school for me, but I still want to work at the zoo. I love animals, animals love me (for real, I feel like a Disney princess sometimes), why not? Even if I just volunteered at the zoo (which I’m pretty sure means ‘clean up poop and defrost mice for no money’ in zoo speak).

Maybe not. Maybe I’ll just frequent zoos around the nation and be envious of the workers who get to hold onto three month old polar bears and pet them and feed them their bottles and get to watch them waddle around (bear waddles are the freaking cutest, am I right?). I know it’s a dangerous job, the news has just recently reminded us, but it can also be super rewarding.

Put Me In The Zoo was one of my favorite books as a kid, and I asked my parents every year for a dog until we finally got one. I should have seen the signs sooner.

It’s definitely too late now, and I’d never make it through any kind of med school, but a girl can dream.

I mean, look at this face!

Featured Image Via New York Daily News,