Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl: The Epitome of Hipster Couples

Few celebrity couples are able to maintain a professional relationship, create superb music and look so darn gorgeous doing it like Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl.

Not a lot of models have impressed me as much as the ethereal Charlotte Kemp Muhl. The brunette is the face of Maybelline and the girlfriend of rock royalty heir and musician, Sean Lennon. While the son of Beatle, John Lennon and Yoko Ono was thrust in the limelight since birth, Muhl also entered the fashion industry from an early age.

The Georgia born, Muhl met Lennon backstage at Coachella musical festival and upon discovering Muhl’s musical talents, the couple formed a band, Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, together with their own music label, Chimera music. Their music is mellow, quirky and folksy – in a way that’s reminiscent of Lennon’s parents collaborating together musically. Her voice is breathy and fits in with self-confessed “neo-retro folk psychedelic” vibe of their music, where future meets the past in stories of robot boys and lavender roads.

While Lennon is in his late 30s, Muhl is a decade younger and carries an almost untameable vivacity, which manifests in her modelling portfolio and style. She is wide-eyed and pouty, while Lennon is a veteran New York hipster and a space-age Charlie Chaplin. Together they form a formidable couple on the bohemian scene, with luminaries such as; Adam Green and Albert Hammond Jr appearing in the couple’s music video for “Schrodinger’s Cat”.

While Lennon is focused on his work against fracking alongside his mother Yoko Ono, Muhl is gathering a cult following as a muse. She is a self-taught musician and multi-instrumentalist and also has a side musical project with friend Eden Rice, performing as ‘Kemp and Eden.’

There is a layer of nostalgia and eccentricity that is embedded in the fashion of Muhl and Lennon, which separates them from every other model and rocker couple. It’s not hard to imagine these two frolicking in meadows, rummaging thrift stores or writing kooky poetry on napkins in bars. Both of them are able to blend Victorian top hats, bow ties or lace dresses with fur (hope it’s faux fur) and feathers. They have the same shoe size, which means Muhl is often stealing Lennon’s loafers. There is a 60s meets 1800s vibe in their appearance and it makes you think they belong in a Woody Allen movie together.

Judging by their many artistic and provocative photographs together, it’s not hard to conclude that Muhl is somewhat of a muse to Lennon- while Muhl is able to hold her own ground as a creative equal, even in photographs of a naked Muhl straddling Lennon’s piano. They have even recreated the famous Annie Leibovitz photo of a naked John Lennon clinging to Yoko Ono, but this time Muhl is in the nude as she clings to Sean Lennon.

While the pessimists are quick to dismiss Sean Lennon’s musical triumphs, mainly due to the artistic shadow of his parents, he is a man who is creating music for the joy of it. While he is not trying to imitate the music of his father, he carries with him his father’s ‘working-class hero’ philosophy and he has committed to bettering society through his work as an activist.

The doe-eyed Muhl is a leggy model whom radiates vivacious femininity mixed with a childlike sense of wonder in her photographs. She has appeared in a Santana and Aerosmith music video and has been featured in campaigns for Swarovski and Donna Karan- however, she has stated that she uses her modelling earnings to finance her music career. Looking forward to more from these two bohemians.

Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger novices download ‘Jardin Du Luxembourg’ and ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’

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