The eggplant emoji isn’t actually called the eggplant emoji

We hate to break it to you, but you’ve been calling some of your emojis by the wrong name – even the beloved eggplant emoji.

A little-known emoji fact is that Unicode, the company in charge of standardizing digital text, uses British English to name emojis.

"While the Unicode Consortium is based in the US, most emoji names use British English," Jeremy Burge with Emojipedia told Mashable.

But, like, why?

It all started in 1993, when the International Organization for Standardization and Unicode decided to keep their names for things consistent.

"In the early 90s Unicode and ISO merged their lists of characters, and decided they should stay in sync in future," Burge said.

That means the “Eggplant Emoji” is actually the “Aubergine Emoji.”

That’s not all: The official name for the “Truck Emoji” is actually the “Articulated Lorry Emoji.”

We know, we know. Your entire life has been a lie. But don’t worry – while these very-British names are recorded in Unicode’s system, you can still call your emojis whatever you want.