The dystopian world of “The Handmaid’s Tale” is TOO REAL in the latest featurette

If you were hoping that The Handmaid’s Tale would make you feel better about the current state of affairs in the real world, you’d be wrong. In the latest featurette for the upcoming Hulu show about a dystopian world, things get a little #TooReal for the main characters as we get more insight into where we’ll be in the story once we dive in and how they got there.

The first image of the featurette isn’t comforting at all. We see Elisabeth Moss main character looking forlorn in a stark tub as we hear a voiceover telling us that her name is now “forbidden.” Uh, oh! That’s not good. She now goes by the name Offred and her freedom has been taken away.


In this featurette, we hear from some of the people behind the show like Executive Producer Warren Littlefield, who says the show is where “an extreme regime raises up and says ‘We have a better way’.” And what’s the better way? Apparently, kidnapping women who are fertile and forcing them to help repopulate the world.


Looks fun, right? But there’s something about all of this that just hits a little too close to home. Is this show a little too timely? Is it (depressingly) predicting our possible future? This scene in particular, looks a little too familiar.


Also in the featurette, a man tells Offred that “[they] only wanted to make the world better.” When she questions him, he chillingly responds saying:

"Better never means better for everyone."

Ahhhh. Is anyone else screaming right now? This sounds a little too accurate and maybe we need a hug to get through this video. Grab something comforting and watch the full featurette here:

As Samira Wiley (who plays Moira) says in the featurette, “it seems far away but it also seems like it could be so close.” Oh, COOL, how ominous! In a not fun way!

The Handmaid’s Tale hits Hulu on April 26th.