The DREAM Act vs. The GOP

There are quite a few readers that get upset when I “Republican bash,” but I must admit that I am a bleeding heart Democrat, and I find many things about the Republican party… well, ridiculous.

Like this: Obama’s DREAM Act, for those who are unaware, was instated in 2001 and allows conditional permanent residency for immigrants of “good moral character,” which is defined by committing to the military, or college.

Basically, the Dream Act temporarily suspends the deportation of assumingly younger immigrants if they are either in college or in the military–“proving themselves” to be a “positive contribution” to the American economy.

This past week, the House of Representatives, which is currently largely led by the GOP, voted to prohibit funding for the DREAM Act, which basically means the House voted FOR the deportation of immigrants who have chosen to better their lives by attending school and/or supporting our country by enlisting.

According to the LA Times, there are approximately eleven million people living in the United States without legal status. According to Richard Durbin of Illinois, “This mean-spirited vote shows that House Republicans have a tin ear for politics and cold hearts when it comes to compassion for young people who have only known America as their home,” and to be honest, I could not agree with Durbin more.

Obama has made a clear cut movement toward accepting immigrants in America–something that is important because America is MADE UP of immigrants. The Obama administration has focused on loopholes: not simply allowing “just anyone” to live illegally in our country, but focusing on the citizens who clearly would like to make a contribution to society. Attempting to overthrow the DREAM act is an attempt to overturn acceptance and tolerance–two things that America has always proudly built itself on, granted it has been a shaky road.

Not all Republicans are created equal, however. Marco Rubio of Florida is one of a few GOP names that have worked in favor of the DREAM Act, likely because the Latino vote is not even important, but vital to the future of the Republican Party. Though the DREAM Act honors all immigrants, the United States’ immigration laws assumedly apply to Latinos moving into our country from south of the border, most often.

Which means, if I can break it all down for you, that Republicans are hesitant to welcome laws that allow Latinos to move into the US under any condition. The Obama administration is attempting to make exceptions that not only welcome culture into our country, but that welcome the people of the world that view our country as we are intended to view America: the land of opportunity.

Immigration reform will likely be a national debate forevermore, but I think it should be called out when it seems obvious: what are the reasons behind an attempt to overthrow the DREAM act?

Let’s talk.

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