The “Doctor Strange” honest trailer reminds us who’s the real star of the movie: Strange’s cape

Doctor Strange may have been an origin story of how Steven Strange tapped into his supernatural powers and overcame a great physical barrier, but come on, we all know that the real hero of the film was Doctor Strange’s cape.

In this Honest Trailer for Doctor Strange, they explain that Doctor Strange is pretty much exactly like Iron Man. How? Rich dude becoming a better person after suffering a terrible physical ailment and then becoming a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Okay, they’re right. But let’s not act like this is a bad thing.


Anyway, the Honest Trailer also takes the time to point out how freakin’ awesome Doctor Strange’s cape is in the film. It does save him quite a few times. It tangles up his enemies and also seems to take on a mind of its own when needed. So yeah, the cape is probably the coolest part of the film. Also, it’s just a really nice fashion statement that makes Doctor Strange look cooler honestly.

Of course, despite its flaws, we still love Doctor Strange. Sometimes it’s just fun to poke fun at something you love. After all, no film is perfect. You can watch the full (and hilariously accurate) Honest Trailer for Doctor Strange below.

Want to see more? You can go grab Doctor Strange on iTunes or Blu-ray now and re-watch at home. It’d be fun to see just how his cape manages to save him over and over and over. Starting to think we should all have a cape of our own.