This video hilariously disproves all the arguments people have against gender neutral language

They’re becoming more and more common, but some people still feel uncomfortable about the use of gender neutral pronouns. The AP Stylebook is on board, but people have myriad complaints — namely, “they’re confusing” or “they’re grammatically incorrect.” In response, Amanda Montell, host of the language-focused web series The Dirty Word, has created a parody video that debunks these arguments and proves that using using gender neutral pronouns is part of evolving with language, rather than fighting against it.

n the video, Montell jokes that as a “cisgender white woman,” she feels very uncomfortable with the use of gender neutral pronouns. Sure, it’s never affected her life in any way whatsoever, but she just doesn’t like it.

Her tone and phrasing make the video laugh out loud funny, but Montell’s message is so important — gender neutral pronouns don’t negatively impact our lives in any manner, so why in the world can’t we respect people who use them?


"'They' is grammatically incorrect," she emphatically states. "I mean, I've literally never cared about grammar ever in my life up until this very moment," adding that she couldn't define "participle" if someone put a gun to her head.

She has some very valid concerns — is she supposed to say “they is going to be late for brunch?” Oh wait, false alarm — “they are” gets the point across just fine. Who knew?!


Sure, the AP Stylebook recognizes gender neutral pronouns — but she hates grammar, so UGH. Good thing this can be ignored!

"The English language has literally sounded the exact same for the past thousand years," Montell adds.

Oh wait, nope — wrong again. “Lit,” “FOMO,” “bae” and “fleek” have only emerged over the past several years. Hmmm.

Watch the entire video below!

In addition to plenty of zingers, it concludes on a more serious note about the basic reason everyone should embrace gender neutral pronouns: We all deserve to be accepted for who we are.