The difference between Instagram blogger makeup and everyday makeup is shocking

Instagram is bursting at the seams with fashion, fitness, food, and makeup inspiration. The photo sharing app is responsible for spreading huge trends across the world, like thigh-high boots and perfectly groomed “Instagram brows.” In fact, “Instagram makeup” is a term beauty gurus have been throwing around for some time now. It’s the larger-than-life lashes paired with the overdrawn lip, dramatic eyeshadow, contour, highlight, and of course, fleek AF brows. It’s not at all natural, but no one can deny that the overall look is truly stunning.

Beauty vlogger Amanda Ensing shared a video on her YouTube channel yesterday comparing her exaggerated Instagram makeup to her real life everyday look. Instead of making the message of the video revolve around the idea that Instagram makeup can give girls a warped view of their natural beauty, Ensing rather pointed out that the difference between the looks shows the power makeup can have.

"I love how makeup can transform your face, give you confidence, be whoever you want to be," Ensing explains at the beginning of her video. "Whether it's 'Instagram makeup' or everyday makeup, you should be able to wear whatever you want, when you want."

Before Ensing begins her tutorial, she sends a message to the dudes of YouTube. “Also, for any guy watching this who thinks makeup is ‘misleading,’” Ensing warns, “uh, I’m sorry. But if you think my lashes are naturally this big and I naturally have a smokey eye, that’s on you.”

We love.

The beautiful bare-faced Ensing explains her way through her everyday makeup look. It’s quick and easy and only requires a few different products that most people have in their makeup stash. Ensing says that she usually doesn’t even wear eyeshadow on the daily.


Sometimes she’ll cut her crease with a bit of bronzer if she feels like something is missing from her eyes. But she usually leaves any eye drama to her mascara.

Ensing fills in her brows, highlights and contours her face every day, but not nearly as heavy as in her Instagram look. It’s all very natural and doesn’t distract or detract from her natural features and beauty.


Then in the video, she moves onto the Instagram side of her face, which all revolves around that super smokey eye. Ensing explains that she always starts her Instagram makeup at the eyes because that way she can later clean up the eyeshadow fallout without ruining her face makeup. Clever! Very clever!

And after a lot of eyeshadow blending, it’s all about that sharp AF cat-eye liner.


“Look at how much more coverage and the color difference,” Ensing points out about her Instagram foundation compared to her everyday foundation. “Wow.” She highlights her cheekbones, nose and forehead with concealer. And to set the liquid makeup, Ensing “bakes,” with translucent powder. The term “baking” means that she lets the powder absorb the shine for about ten minutes. She then wipes off the excess powder.

While the face bakes, the eyebrows get the fleek treatment.


After powder contouring, blushing, highlighting, more baking, more eyeshadow-ing, Ensing applies her lip color and setting spray, and is finally ready to upload a pic. Wow, we’re kind of out of breath, tbh!


We highly recommend you watch the full half-and-half tutorial. Ensing has some seriously impressive makeup skills that will surely inspire you to try these looks out on yourself. Both sides are gorgeous, yet give off completely different vibes.

Ensing isn’t the first beauty vlogger to show the contrast between Instagram and everyday makeup. YouTuber, Stephanie Lange, was one of the first gurus to try the idea in 2015. We love how Ensing, Lange, and several other makeup vloggers, are drawing attention to how bold and extreme the Instagram makeup is compared to what they wear everyday. It’s comforting knowing that even the most influential makeup gurus usually rock their natural beauty on the daily.

Ensing notes how drastically different the two sides look. "But at the same time," Ensing concludes, "I don't think that one looks better than the other. I like the way they both look for different reasons, and I think they're beautiful in their own ways."

We agree 100%. Like Ensing said at the beginning of her video, you can wear “whatever you want, when you want.” Be the you that you want to be!

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